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Dear students/parents,

Welcome to our Direct Schools Admissions (DSA) micro-site, a one-stop platform for students to learn all about the DSA experience in Nanyang Junior College.

The NYJC-DSA programme is a source of much pride because of our firm belief in the value of a holistic education. We encourage all our students to strive towards deepening their academic learning while simultaneously exploring their passions and interests.

As such, we recognise that the DSA students in particular represent a group of passionate young people who embody this commitment towards developing themselves holistically, both in their area of talent and in their academic pursuits. In this same vein, NYJC is equally committed to providing our DSA students with the best possible resources and support in order to enable them to reach their fullest potential.

Every year, we are very heartened by the dedication and resilience of our DSA students who navigate the challenges of balancing their CCA commitment with their academic responsibilities most admirably. For instance, a number of our top achievers in the recent 2021 GCE ‘A’ Level examinations were DSA students.  I invite you to take the first step towards finding out by applying for DSA@NYJC.

Mr Low Chun Meng


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