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"New experiences, fun memories and most importantly a chance to fail and make mistakes in a safe environment."

Naomi Ong Jean Ann (1903)

Badminton Girls’ Captain

CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School

89 Rank Points

Nanyang JC always stood out for me since I first started looking at junior colleges during my final year of secondary school. It was a school that had a reputation for supporting a balanced JC life where the students are able to have fun but also enjoy a supportive environment for the students to excel in their studies. In the end, NY did live up to my expectations.

NY provided me with two years of new experiences, fun memories and most importantly a chance to fail and make mistakes in a safe environment. One mistake was believing that you could not do well in JC. Being in such a top-tiered JC, it was difficult to balance studies with CCA in the first year, let alone when COVID-19 Circuit Breaker kicked in and it was difficult to concentrate and study at home.

However, it was because of the support system of classmates and CCA friends that I had, which allowed me to get back on track. I believe the best thing I gained from my two years is the great support from my friends and teachers. I had friends who were always willing to help and encouraged me to do my best and teachers who were patient in helping me with my learning.



"I received so much help and advice from my tutors which really changed my perspective on what studying meant."

Jeremy Teo (1911)

Basketball, Vice-Captain

Anglican High School 

87 Rank Points

Prior to A-Level, I have not had many academic achievements. I was always trying to juggle basketball and studies, and I had not succeeded in striking the right balance, compromising my performance in both.

However, when the COVID-19 pandemic struck and the National School Games had to be cancelled, it allowed me to concentrate solely on my studies. I received so much help and advice from my tutors which really changed my perspective on what studying meant - it is not just about getting ready for the exams and knowing how to answer the questions, it is also about the building of character and strengthening our values that would shape us into the people we would be in the future.

Many of my tutors took time to talk to me about my personal struggles and were really understanding. This really went against the misconception that JC tutors do not care as much about their students as their peers in secondary school. With the support of my tutors, CCA mates and a lot of hard work, I was able to achieve my best academic achievement to date. I am thankful for all of you.


Siang jun.jpg

"It is honestly thanks to them, coupled with my tutors’ support that I was able to pick myself back up after the failures and move on to study even harder."

Sek Siang Jiun (1903)

Band, Section Leader

Yishun Town Secondary School

87 Rank Points

JC for me was a very mixed bag. I have had my highest highs and my lowest lows during these 2 years, and I’m still debating in my head whether I have made the correct choice up until now. But one thing is for sure, I definitely had a very interesting and unforgettable experience here.

As a DSA student in the Symphonic Band, I got involved with the band quite early, even before I officially entered NYJC as a student in orientation. I had plenty of time to bond with the seniors and my section mates, making for some of my fondest memories in my CCA.

In J1, the band was preparing for the SYF 2019. I remember all the struggles we went through to make the pieces as perfect and beautiful as possible, and all the fun we had training along the way. In the end, we all achieved the distinction we wanted. I will never forget the feeling of both excitement and relief I felt hearing that. Before the seniors left, we had one last concert together and with a heavy heart, we said 'goodbye' to them. I will never forget the times we spent together.

Outside of CCA, everyone had to hurry up and adjust to the new and demanding curriculum of JC, which is an extremely daunting task to do in less than 2 years, I might even call it a ridiculous task to achieve.

In J1 my results were a bunch of just passes and fails before moderation, a stark contrast from secondary school. Emotional stress built up in me for the entire year. It didn’t help that I had no one to turn to in J1 to study with me. I practically became a normal student with a DSA title as after the last concert I distanced myself away from my CCA.

Everything came to a head J2 Block Test where I just couldn’t handle it anymore seeing a string of failures in J1 both in academics and in CCA. I decided to talk to my tutors for guidance. My tutors were extremely nice and comforted me, giving me back a bit of confidence to continue on. Without this push, I wouldn’t have gotten back up to try again harder.

A group I would like to mention is the people in Jfire, the Japanese culture and media SIG in NY. They have given me the best time of my JC life, fooling around, talking about our favourite anime and making JC a lot more bearable. It is honestly thanks to them, coupled with my tutors’ support that I was able to pick myself back up after the failures and move on to study even harder. They also made amazing study partners so we can better understand concepts.

COVID-19 has been a very decisive phenomenon in 2020, ruining many people’s normal lives and posing many problems to many. For me however, it’s a blessing in disguise. The Circuit Breaker period gave me the breathing room to relax and think about my future, to rediscover my passion and just put a reset to the stress, to put a pause button on life and to just look internally to gain back my inner strength.

Though it was really frustrating to not be able to perform with my juniors in CCA, the Circuit Breaker experience has been a net positive for me. This period allowed me to finally get a hold of the subjects and start scoring when school reopened, while also giving me time to enjoy stuff I love like anime and a few games. And this momentum built up in this period gave me enough push to do my very best, resulting in my desired results.

To my juniors, among the 200 friends, it is important to have a smaller, closer group of friends who would provide support to one another to encourage one another throughout the race and get to the finish line. Talk to your tutors if you have any problems, they will definitely help you. And for those who are struggling like how I did back in J1, believe in the strength that's yours alone. Everyone fails sometimes, but dreams won't fade, chase them as many times as it takes and you’ll achieve it one day. FAITO DAIYO!

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